Asia Access Limited is a Hong Kong based company conducting business at international level, we supply and install high quality engineering merchandise which are imported from many various professional manufacturers all over the world, in addition, we are appointed sole agent of many well-known famous brand names for China , Hong Kong and Macau market.

Along with our professional knowledge, valuable experience, as well as excellent quality services, Asia Access has been growing steadily since established in 1996.

Commitment to customers : Our first rule of thumb is to provide comprehensive services in anyway we can, including installation, product sourcing, technical advice, alternative and competitive pricing. According to our clients’ requests and preferences, we tailor our services and products so as to fulfill every individual customer’s specific needs. Long term business relationship is always our goal to develop with customers, while “Win-Win theory” is our belief to succeed. We formulate and implement our strategies to fulfill our following Missions and Promises.


  • Provide professional engineering services
  • Supply high quality products
  • Create additional values for customers
  • Continuous improvement in our products & services
  • Fair partnership & alliances with our suppliers as well as customers


  • Excellent project management
  • Prompt responses
  • Prompt delivery
  • No minimum order value or quantity requirement
  • Source the special and latest products from all over the world
  • Provide professional opinion and advice
  • Customer satisfaction always comes first